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How To Grow & Care For Plants In Hanging Basket

by aditya abhishek


Plants such as pothos, petunia, pansy, portulaca, etc. look alluring in a hanging basket, but you need to follow these guidelines to care for plants in hanging basket. 

Use Grow Bags

Most of the hanging baskets are made up of plastic. Hence, water and sunlight can deteriorate the quality over time. Therefore, use grow bags to keep plants in hanging baskets. 

Select Right Plants 

Not all plants can grow well in hanging baskets, therefore select plants that have shallow root system and small foliage size such as turtle vine, burro's tail etc.


Make sure to have drainage holes at the bottom of the hanging basket. Keep checking the soil moisture regularly as the soil in the hanging basket dries quickly due to wind. 


Select the right spot for your hanging basket. Try to grow plants that can perform well under indirect sunlight such as burro's tail, turtle vine, etc. to maintain the quality of the pot. 


Keep pruning weak, diseased, and old branches from time to time to maintain the healthy growth of plants in hanging baskets. 


For foliage plants, you can use fertilizers such as neem cake and leaf compost, and for flowering plants use additional onion peel or banana peel fertilizers. 

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