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Government Of India Cut Down Wheat Stock Limit To 2000 Tonnes

by aditya abhishek


The government of India has announced that by 12th October, big-retailers, traders and wholesalers have to reduce their wheat stock to 2000 tonnes. 


India has around 25 million tonnes of wheat in the central pool and the requirement is only 20 million tonnes to fulfill the requirement of Indian people. 


Moreover, government officials noticed that instead of the surplus stock of wheat, the price has been rising on the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited. 

Artificial Scarcity

Government officials said that some people within the agriculture industry are trying to create artificial scarcity in the market to increase wheat prices. 


If you remember, then you must be familiar with the price increase of onion from 2010 to 2011 when the price of onion skyrocketed to 85 Rupees per Kilogram due to artificial scarcity. 


Therefore, to avoid such a situation in the present day the government of India has set the stock limit of wheat to 2000 tonnes for traders, wholesalers, and big-chain retailers.

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