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Fruit Trees That You Can Grow In Your Terrace Garden

by aditya abhishek


If you are a plant lover and willing to grow fruit trees in your garden but do not have backyard garden, then try growing these fruit trees in your terrace or balcony garden. 

Orange Tree

You can grow dwarf varieties of orange tree such as Calamondin, Trovita, Budda's Hand, etc. in pots. Plant them in well drained soils rich in organic matter. 

Guava Tree

Varieties such as Guava Ruby Supreme, Lucknow 49, Psidium Guajava Nana, Tikal Guava, Red Malaysian, Safeda, etc. can be easily grown in pots. 

Chikoo Tree

Chikoo is another fruit tree that you can grow in wide range of soils. Plant them in pots which have at least 60 centimeters diameter & 80 centimetres depth. 

Grape Tree

You can even grow grapes in pot in your terrace garden. Use cocopeat rich medium along with bulky organic manure to grow them. Keep pruning time to time. 

Lemon Tree

You can grow Thai Patti lemon variety in pots. Just make sure to plant them in sandy loam well drained soils & avoid over watering. 

Mango Tree

Not every variety of mangoes can grow well in pots but you can grow Sadabahar or Evergreen mango variety in pots. They can produce fruit thrice in a year. 


Blueberry bushes are compact and well-suited for pots. They require acidic soil, so make sure to provide them with an appropriate growing medium.

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