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Farmers Can Get Kisan Credit Card Within 14 Days

by aditya abhishek


The Kisan Credit Card scheme is a farmer financing scheme of the Indian government to provide quick access to timely credit support under a single window. 


Unlike other loan programs which take time to get approved, KCC comes with a rapid approval rate to provide financial assistance to farmers for cultivation. 


Therefore if you are a small or marginal-scale farmer, then you should apply for the Kisan Credit Card to get instant financial support when needed for agriculture. 


Under KCC, Indian farmers can get credit support of up to INR 3,00,000 at a 7% interest rate annually. For long-term credit requirements, interest rates may vary. 


Farmers or joint borrowers who are owners, tenant farmers, or Joint Liability Groups of farmers are eligible to apply for the Kisan Credit Card. 


You should have 2 passport-sized photographs, ID & address proof (Aadhar Card), proof of landholding, cropping pattern, security documents, etc. 


Moreover, no collateral is required if the loan amount is less than INR 1.60 lakh & the credit will be available for 3 years. Farmers can start repaying once the harvest season is over.

14 Days

According to the new government rule, after applying for KCC, if all documents are found to be correct then you will get KCC within 14 days. 

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