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Bring These Beautiful Flowering Plants In The Monsoon

by aditya abhishek


Monsoon is a season characterized by heavy rainfall & high humidity in many parts of India. Here is a list of some awesome monsoon flowering plants that you can grow. 

Monsoon Cassia

It is a flowering plant that blooms during the monsoon season. You can plant Monsoon Cassia during the early monsoon period.

Water Lily

If you are fomd of aquatic flowering plants, then you can bring water lily into your home garden during monsoon. 

Rain Lily

They are small, bulbous plants that produce lovely flowers after rainfall. You can plant them from September to October in India. 


If you want to fill your garden with strong fragrance during monsoon, then bring tuberose or rajinigandha plant in your home garden. 


Plumeria is another alluring flowering plant with delightful smell that you should have in your garden during monsoon to enjoy its beauty. 

Rangoon Creeper

If you are fond of flowering creepers, then bring Rangoon Creeper also known as Madhumalti in your garden. 

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