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Are Snake Plants Toxic To Cats

by aditya abhishek


Snake plants are wonderful air purifying houseplant that people love to grow. But, they are considered toxic to cats because they contain saponins.

Snake Plant Care

They prefer to grow well in bright indirect sunlight when planted in well drained sandy loam soils. Avoid overwatering & overfertilizing to keep this plant in healthy condition.


As they are toxic so you will need to take these precautions such aspPlace the snake plant in an area that is inaccessible to your cat or other pets.


Keep an eye on your cat to prevent any chewing or ingestion of the plant. In case of accident contact your veterinarian immediately.

Pet Friendly Plants

Grow cat-friendly plants such as spider plants, boston fern, etc. for your pet to interact with. This can redirect their attention away from the snake plant.

Pet Friendly Plants

Apply deterrents, such as bitter-tasting sprays or pet-safe repellents, to the plant leaves to keep pets away from your snake plants.


Although they are toxic to pets, but keeping them in home is a great option as they purify air around them, just follow precautions if you have pets. 

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