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5 Agro Tourism Centers Near Pune That You Must Visit

by aditya abhishek

Agro Tourism

If you are looking to explore rural lifestyle, delicious food and agriculture, then you can visit these agro-tourism centers near Pune that can give you a lifelong experience.  

Aambaban Agri Tourism

Aambaban Agri Tourism is a 22 acre farmland where you can explore rural games, rain dance, bullock cart ride, mud game and much more. 

Jal Wan Farmhouse

Jal Wan farmhouse located near Mose Khurd, Pune is a perfect place to take a break from busy city life and enjoy the peaceful farm life.

Picnic Point

Picnic Point Agritourism Center in Solapur is a great place to enjoy the rural lifestyle, Karaoke, campfire, rain dance and much more. 

Yavat 24

Yavat 24 is a farm stay in Farmstay in Dhumalicha Mala, Maharashtra. They offer Bullock cart & tractor rides, an azure-blue swimming pool with slides, rain dance, etc.

Aroha Srushti Farm

Aroha Srushti Farm is located in Bhimashet and is a perfect destination to enjoy Kayaking & Boating, Tractor & Bullock Cart Rides through sugarcane farms, etc. 


To visit these agro-tourism centers near Pune, make sure to visit their official website to get to know about pricing and other exciting offers. 

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