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Agricultural Production In Bihar Has Increased In The Last 15 Years

by aditya abhishek


Bihar which shares borders with Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jharkhand is one of the largest producers of major agricultural products in India. 

Major Crops 

Bihar is the largest producer of Litchi, Makhana, Guava and Lady's finger in India and it exports Litchi, Basmati rice and snow peas. 

Agriculture Roadmap

The first agricultural roadmap was implemented 15 years ago in Bihar in 2008, followed by the second in 2012 and the third in 2017, since then a lot of change has happened. 


Due to improvements, paddy production in Bihar increased from 12.4 quintals per hectare in 2008 to 25 quintals per hectare in 2022. 


Likewise, maize production also increased in the state. It rose from 27.4 quintals per hectare in 2008 to 52.4 quintals per hectare in 2022. 


Production not only increased in field crops but also rose in milk production It rose from 0.6 million tonnes of milk per year in 2008 to 11.5 million tonnes in 2022. 


The most recognizing increase can be seen in the fish production that rose from 0.3 million tonnes in 2008 to 0.76 million tonnes in 2022. 

4th Roadmap

Moreover, the fourth roadmap will be rolled out soon in which the Bihar government will spend INR 1.62 lakh crore to develop storage, processing and irrigation. 

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