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5 Proven Methods To Check The Purity Of Saffron

by aditya abhishek


Saffron also popular as "Red Gold" is the costliest spice crop in the world. A gram of authentic saffron cost around US $ 10 to 20. That's why there is impure saffron available. 

Purity Of Saffron 

If you are spending your valuable money to buy saffron, then it must be pure, and to check purity of the saffron, you must try these proven methods.

Water Test

Place a few strands of saffron in a small cup of water. Pure saffron will release yellow colour & aroma gradually while impure saffron will release orange to red colour rapidly.


Pure saffron may smell divine but it doesn't taste sweet, the taste of pure saffron is bitter while impure saffron is sweet. 


Put a few strands of saffron in cold water, then rub them gently with your fingers. If they break apart easily & turn into dust, they are fake. 

Paper Test

You can rub saffron between paper. After rubbing if it leaves oil on the paper, it's likely not pure & might be altered. 

Petrol Test

Real saffron doesn't dissolve in petrol. So, if you put saffron in petrol and the petrol changes colour, your saffron might not be pure. 

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