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10 Most Beautiful Plants With Yellow Flowers

by aditya abhishek

Yellow Flowers

To create a monochromatic color garden with yellow as the main hue, you can start growing these yellow-colored flowering plants in your garden.


When we talk about yellow-colored flowering plants, then we can't forget mighty sunflowers! Their adaptability to grow in a wide range of soils makes them a great choice. 


Marigold is a drought-tolerant flowering plant and their flower comes in shades of yellow, gold, orange to red. They can be grown easily from seeds. 


Calendula also known as "Pot marigold" is a winter flowering plant that you can grow easily from seeds. However, in hilly regions, they are grown from spring to summer.  

Black-eyed Susan 

Black-eyed Susans is a perennial plant, their flower has golden-yellow petals & a dark brown central cone. They are drought-tolerant & are known to attract pollinators.

Yellow Daylily

Daylilies are hardy perennials with trumpet-shaped yellow colored blooms & can can grow in a wide range of soils.


Coreopsis also known as "Tickseed" is a perennial plant and is famous for its daisy-like yellow flowers. They are known to attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees, etc.


Forsythia is a deciduous, fast-growing plantthat produces yellow flowers in early spring before its leaves appear.


Daffodils are spring-blooming bulbs known for their yellow trumpet-shaped flowers. They can be propagated from bulbs and seeds very easily.

Yellow Iris 

Yellow iris is also known as the yellow flag iris. It is popular for its yellow flowers and can also grow under indirect sunlight and grow well in moist soils.

Yellow Dahlia

Dahlia is a beautiful winter flowering plant that you can grow from seeds. They come in various shades including yellow.

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