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10 Indoor Plants Which Are Easy To Take Care Of

by aditya abhishek

Snake Plant

However, snake plants are hardy and they are easy to care for but even then, some people end up killing this plant by overwatering or keeping it under direct sunlight. 


Pothos is a moisture-loving houseplant that is easy to care for. Do not keep this plant under bright direct sunlight or no sunlight for a longer duration. 


Like pothos, philodendron also loves to grow well in a little moist soil and is easy to care for. During hot summer days, mist plant leaves with water once every 3 to 4 days. 


If you are fond of succulents that can grow indoors and are easy to care for, then you can keep Haworthia species in your home. They need very little watering and indirect sunlight. 

Aloe Vera

Like Haworthia, Aloe vera is also a succulent plant that is easy to care for and can be grown indoors. They are hardy and love to grow in well-drained sandy loam soils. 

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is an amazing air-purifying houseplant that can even grow well in low-light conditions. Water this plant only when the top layer of the soil becomes dry. 

Spider Plant

Spider plant is an easy to care for houseplant that can grow in bright indirect to low light conditions. However, do not keep them in a dark room for a longer duration. 


Dieffenbachia, also known as Dumb Canes are air-purifying houseplants that you can grow easily. However, due to their toxicity, keep them away from your kids and pets. 

Arrowhead Plant

Known for their attractive foliage, arrowhead plants are easy to care for houseplants that you can grow in a well-drained potting soil and under bright indirect sunlight. 

Bunny Ear Cactus

Bunny Ear Cactus is a small cute cactus plant that looks like the ears of a bunny. They are easy to grow and require less watering and bright indirect sunlight.  

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