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World Wide Oppurtunities On Organic Farms

by aditya abhishek


WWOOF or World Wide Oppurtunities On Organic Farms was founded in 1971 in United Kingdom to connect organic farmers. 


The main goals of WWOOF are promotion of cultural and educational exchange & building a global community for sustainability. 

It provides a platform for people for learning about organic food, practical skills of organic farming, culture, and participating in cultural exchange. 


Today WWOOF is present in over 130 countries and supports thousands of people who are interested to get into organic farming. 


You can also join WWOOF to promote organic agriculture. After joining you can meet local farmers , host people to learn and share experiences. 

It gives you oppurtunity to visit farms of experts, stay and get involved in their day to day activities, and learn without involvement of money. 

Organic farming indeed helps in boosting soil health, it reduces soil erosion and pave ways for a healthy lifestyle. And no one compare happiness of growing own food. 

If you are interested in promoting sustainability then you can join WWOOF or Agriculture Review as we also provide similar oppurtunities. 

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