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Why World Soil Day Is Celebrated!

by aditya abhishek

Every year on 5th December people celebrate World Soil Day to give attention to the importance of healthy soil and to take action for sutainability of soil ecosystem. 

World Soil Day

The theme for world soil day 2022 is "Soils: Where food begins." The motive is to make people aware about importance of healthy soil ecosystem & methods to revive soil health. 


Due to demand of international groups under Thailand's leadership, The Food & Agriculture Organization at the UN General Assembly designated 5th December, 2014 as world soil day. 


Due to practice of intense indutrialised agriculture over the past 70 years soil fertility and health have deteriorated drastically. This also led to soil erosion and pollution. 


Because of these reasons nutrition composition of food has also decreased drastically. Therfeore farmers need to adopt regenerative farming methods to revive soil health. 

Reusing farm waste, spraying bio-fertilizers such as jeevamrut, panchgavya, etc. in the farm, practicing zero tillage, multiple cropping system, drip irrigation, etc. helps in improving soil health. 

Avoid use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides to the extent possible, get your soil tested before crop plantation, avoid heavy tillage operations and herbicides to reduce degradation of soil. 

Institute of Geology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (IGI-UNAM) was awrded King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award for raising awareness about soil health in the world. 


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