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Why World Food Day Is Celebrated On October 16

by aditya abhishek

\World's Food Day is one of the most celebrated day in the United Nation's Calendar. Around 150 countries commits for action to reduce global hunger on this day. 

It is celebrated every year on October 16th to commit to food security and remember the founding date of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization in 1945.

Food is the essential and basic requirement of any organism for survival. Therefore the theme of World Food Day, 2022 is "Leave NO ONE Behind."

There are millions of people worldwide who still can not afford healthy and nutritious food. You will be surprised to know that in Haiti people have no choice other than eating mud chappatis

On this day organizations such as FAO organizes contests, cultural showcases, and charities that helps to provide food to those who can't afford. 

FAO works on food security helped in eradicating rinderpest which is a deadly livestock diseases, created international standards to ensure healthy food for all, and eliminated river blindness. 

Commitments on World Food Day also helped countries to develop smart and eco-friendly agriculture practices such as Natural Farming to ensure healthy food for their people. 

As a common people we can take pledge to stop wasting food on this World Food Day and inspire others to do so. This will help us to create a sustainable system. 

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