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Will The Delivery Be Normal By Eating Ghee?

by aditya abhishek


A type of Clarified butter which contains butter with water & milk solids is ghee. It is mostly used in South Asian cooking. Almost 50% of ghee is saturated fatty acid. 

Common Sayings

Many people believe that consuming ghee during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester, helps facilitate the baby's delivery. Let's know whether it is true or not.

Words Of The Doctor

Dr. Deepti Jain said eating Ghee during pregnancy does not help in easy childbirth. Mothers who take a prescribed diet & follow a healthy routine can expect a normal delivery. 


Eating a lot of ghee during pregnancy can cause more harm than benefits. It can result in weight gain & an increased risk of diabetes. In severe cases, it can also increase the child's weight. 

Benefits Of Ghee

Dieticians believe that eating ghee in moderation can be helpful. Ghee is better than refined oils. But, excess of everything is bad; mothers should consume ghee in the prescribed amount.  


Mothers should avoid eating ghee during first trimester. From second trimester, they can consume maximum up to 2 to 3 teaspoon ghee daily and not more than that. 

Consuming ghee helps in strenghthening immune system, helps in improving digestive system, etc. But it is no where related to facilitating easy child birth. 

Our Sayings

Therefore, if you are worried about delivery, consult a doctor & dietician to get a customized diet & exercise plan. Eat ghee in moderation but avoid eating in excess because it will not help in delivery. 

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