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Will Harris, Farmer From America Regenerating His Land

by aditya abhishek

Pic Credit: Instagram

Will Harris is a fourth-generation farmer who owns 1,250 acre farm known as "White Oak Pastures" which was started by his grandfather in 1866. 

Who Is Will Haris?

White Oak Pastures is 156 years old farmily farm located in Bluffton a town in Clay County, Georgia, United States.

White Oak Pastures

Will Harris came into sensation because of his efforts since 1995 to convert industrial beef producing farm to a regenerative farm.  

Will Harris Farmer

His farm is now completely focused on sustainability, animal welfare, humane agricultural & environmental protection.

Will Harris raises 10 species of animals in his farm which lives in symbiotic relationship with each other. 

In his farm White Oak Pastures, cows are allowed to roam & garze,  freely, chickens to scratch & peck, and hogs to root & wallow.  Will says that these are natural animal behaviours. 

He follows regenerative farming methods in his farm White Oak Pastures. Farm waste is used as source of nutrients for plants, and animals for controlling weeds & insects. 

The story of transtion from a industrialised agriculture farm to a sustainable and regenerative profit making farm is really inspiring & we can learn a lot from farmer Will Harris!

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