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Why Your Seeds Are Not Germinating

by aditya abhishek

We all wish that our seeds germinate perfectly, but often, due to these common mistakes, they don't germinate perfectly. Avoid making these mistakes to germinate seeds. 

Buying Loose Seeds

If you buy low-quality seeds that are not treated well to protect them from fungal & bacterial diseases, then there is a high chance of failure. 


The most common mistake people make is sowing seeds in the wrong season; even before purchasing seeds get to know about their sowing time & climate. 

Soil Type

Seeds don't germinate well in compact soggy soil. Make sure that soil is well loose, well draining, rich in organic matter with good moisture holding capacity. 

Over & Under watering

If you apply excess water or let the soil dry for longer spells, your seeds won't germinate properly. Over-watering can promote fungal growth. 


If you do not add fertilizers to the soil before sowing seeds, then there is a high risk of poor seedling growth as they require nutrients to grow. 


On hot summer days, if you try to germinate seeds under direct sunlight or grow them under zero light, they won't germinate properly. 

Therefore, for the best outcome, try to germinate seeds under bright indirect sunlight. In winter when the climate is cold then you can keep them in direct sunlight. 

Not Thinning

If you have sown seeds by broadcasting, you need to remove weak & diseased seedlings to promote good growth in healthy seedlings. 

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