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Why Tomato Prices Are Increasing In India

by aditya abhishek


In recent months, India has experienced a significant increase in tomato prices, with rates soaring up to Rs. 160 in various cities such as Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, etc. 

Why Price Hike

This sudden surge in prices is due to a combination of factors, including adverse weather conditions, pest attacks & disruptions in the supply-demand chain.

Rise In Temperature

This unprecedented heatwave during March and April resulted in poor plant growth & an increase in pest attacks on tomato crops across the country.

Disease Outbreak

Moreover, spread of leaf curl virus in various major tomato producing states of India caused poor seedling growth & fruits of inferior quality. 

Cropping Season 

In India, tomatoes are cultivated in two major cropping seasons: Rabi and Kharif. Due to success of Rabi crop, tomatoes are supplied to the market from March to August. 


Due to failure of Rabi crop, the supply-demand chain of tomatoes in India got significantly disturbed which led to the price hike in the market. 


To alleviate the tomato shortage and bring down prices, the market is heavily reliant on the Kharif crop. Hence, prices may reduce after August. 

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