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Why & How To Use Perlite For Gardening

by aditya abhishek


Waterlogging is a serious problem that leads to root rot of plants in pots. Therefore, to ensure good drainage & aeration adding perlite is really helpful

Mixing 10% perlite in the potting mix for growing seedling prevent soil compaction, giving young roots ample space to grow and develop. 

You can also add a layer of perlite at the bottom end of your pot to prevent waterlogging at the bottom of containers that can potentially suffocate plant roots.

They are wonderful for growing succulents & cactus. Prepare potting mix with 40% dried leaves + 20% leaf compost + 20% cocopeat + 20% perlite for growing succulents & cactus. 

However, generally you can add 10% perlite of the total amount of potting mix to grow your plants. It will improve drainage & aeration of the potting mix. 

If you have a hydroponics garden, then too you can use perlite instead of clay balls to grow plants such as lettuce in the net cups.

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