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Why Growing Succulents Is Easy But You Fail

by aditya abhishek


You must have seen these tiny cute plants and thought of bringing them to your garden, but not sure how to care for these succulents, well follow these points to grow them...

Avoid Overwatering

Most of the succulents are drought tolerant, hence they can survive without water for longer duration. That's why you should avoid watering them regularly. 

Moreover, overwatering or waterlogging in the pot can cause root rot really fast. It will lead to death of the plant, that's why only apply water when soil becomes completely dry. 

Use Sandy Soil

Avoid using clayey soil for growing succulents. Use well drained, sandy soils. You can prepare potting mix for growing them or buy one from our online shop. 

Potting Mix

For growing succulent plants, prepare potting mix with 50% river sand + 50% cinder media. You can also add leaf compost in this mixture. 


You can keep adeniums and cactus under direct sunlight. But, most of the succulents grow well under bright indirect sunlight. 


Avoid overfertilizing. You can add a handful of leaf compost once after every 90 days during active season that extends from March to September. 

Avoid Overcaring

Experts always say that if you want a healthy succulent plant, ignore them sometimes. Do not over care for them. They require well drained soils & minimal care. 

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