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Why Farmers Should Focus On No Till Farming

by aditya abhishek


Practicing excessive tillage leads to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, etc. Hence to maintain sustainability farmers need to adopt no till farming to improve soil structure.


It is the way of farming in which crop is cultivated without disturbing the soil through tillage, crop debris are left undisturbed & soil is only disturbed for plantation. 


Practicing no-till farming minimizes soil disturbance, preserves soil health, reduces erosion, & enhances overall farm productivity.

Soil Health

Soil is left undisturbed, hence it leads to formation of stable aggregates and preservation of soil structure. It enables the soil to retain more water, nutrients, & microbes.

Erosion Control

Practicing excessive tillage leads to soil erosion, practicing no till farming reduces erosion by keeping the soil covered with crop residue.

Water Conservation

Leftover crop residue also acts as a mulch layer hence reduces evapotranspiration water losses as well as increasesinfilteration rate in the soil. 


Farmers can retain valuable moisture and nutrients in the soil, the crop residue left on the soil surface suppress weed growth and reduce the need for herbicides.

Hence, if you are a farmer then you can start no till farming, if your farm land is prone to drought & soil erosion to maintain sustainability. 

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