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Why Farmers Plough The Field Before Summer Season?

by aditya abhishek

Ploughing is a traditional agricultural practice & is done for various reasons, including weed control, soil aeration, nutrient distribution, and seedbed preparation.

The primary reason why farmers plough their fields just before the summer season is to prepare the soil for planting crops. It helps in improving aeration, nutrient availability, destroy weeds, etc.

Due to cold & wet conditions in winter, soil gets compacted. This can create a dense layer that prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots of the plants.

Hence, Ploughing helps to break up this compacted layer and loosen the soil, making it easier for plants to grow. Another reason is to control the growth of weeds in the farm. 

Practicing tillage or ploughing the soil also helps in mixing organic manure evenly in the soil. This helps in increasing nutrient availability to the crop. 

Ploughing soil before planttation in summer also helps in improving water infilteration. Hence, it helps in solving the problem of waterlogging & in improving water infilteration. 

Hence, if you want to cultivate summer crops, then ploughing your field can help in soil structure, nutrient distribution, weed control, and water infiltration.

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