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Who Wrote The FFA Creed In The United States Of America

by aditya abhishek

FFA Organization

The FFA Creed is a statement of the beliefs and values of the Future Farmers of America (FFA), now known as the National FFA Organization.

The Creed is often recited by FFA members at meetings, events, and competitions as a way to express their commitment to the organization's principles and goals. 

Written By

The FFA Creed in the United States of America was written by E.M. Tiffany. E.M. Tiffany was a student at the University of Missouri when he penned the FFA Creed in 1928 

E.M. Tiffany

He has influenced the life of countless FFA members and his writings serve as a foundational document that reflects the values and principles of the organization.

Core Values

The organization emphasizes the importance of agriculture, leadership, personal growth, and civic engagement. 

They understand the importance of agricultural education and its role in developing future leaders in agriculture and the values of hard work, responsibility, and good citizenship. 


Till now FFA organization has donated over US $ 870,000 to the Give the Gift of Blue program and has provided over 15,000 jackets to their members. 

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