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Who Is The Father Of Natural Farming

by aditya abhishek


Natural farming is a method of raising crops without using any or minimal artificial or chemical inputs in the farm.  

In natural farming, farmers use fertilizers & pesticides made from farm waste, leaves, animal waste, etc. Thus it creates a sustainable farming environment. 


An Indian agriculturist & a Padam Shree awardee "Subhash Palekar" is regarded as the Father of Zero Budget Natural Farming in the world. 

However, the British botanist Sir Albert Howard is regarded as the father of modern organic agriculture in the world. He learned the concepts of organic farming in India.


Natural farming techniques, such as no-tillage and cover cropping, help protect the soil from erosion & degradation.

Input Costs

It relies on the utilization of natural processes and resources, reducing the need for expensive inputs such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Soil Health

Natural farming prioritizes soil health and nutrient cycling, which can lead to crops with higher nutritional value.

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