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Which Is The Most Productive Soil In The World

by aditya abhishek

Types Of Soil

There are numerous types of soils in the world ranging from black soil, red soil, alluvial soil, peaty soil, etc. But which one among them is the most productive?

Alluvial Soil

The alluvial soil is considered the most productive soil in the world. Most of the Asian countries have alluvial soil in abundance. 


India is known worldwide for agriculture because around 45% of the Indian land is covered with fertile alluvial soil. 

Water Requrements

Alluvial soil is considered the most productive because of various reasons. Due to high porosity, water requirement is minimal in alluvial soil. 


Alluvial soil is the most fertile soil in the world because it is rich in potash, phosphoric acid, lime, and carbon which are necessary for the growth of plants. 


Although alluvial soils are the most productive, but other soil types such as red, black, etc. also have their own importance and characteristics. 

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