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Which Is The Best Soil For Gardening

by aditya abhishek


Soil is one of the most important factor which determines health of your plant. Therefore, selecting best soil for gardening is very important.

Types Of Soil 

There are mainly six types of soils in the world which are sand, clay, silt, chalk, peat, and loam & every soil type has its own importance. 

Best Soil 

Because of good water retention capacity & organic content, loamy soil is considered best for gardening. However, plants such as cactus & succulents can not grow well in loamy soil. 

It is because of the fact that cactus & succulents are adapted to grow in well drained sandy soils. Therefore, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of the plants.

Soils To Avoid

You can not grow plants easily in sandy or clayey soils directly as sandy soils get dry quickly & clayey soils get waterlogged causing root rot in plants. 

Potting Mix

However, you can always prepare or buy customized potting mixes to grow plants in your garden. It helps you in modifying soil properties & making it suitable for specific plants.

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