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Which Is The Best Soil For Agriculture In The World

by aditya abhishek


Soil is one of the most important factor which determines the growth of a plant. Hence as a farmer it is important to understand best soil types for agriculture. 

Soil Fertility 

A good fertilie soil is necessary for growing plants successfully. Fertility of the soil is determined by soil pH, structure, organic matter, mineral composition & texture. 

Crop Specification

Moreover, selecting best soil for agriculture also depends on the crop specifications such as nutrients requirement, ideal pH for growth, structure, etc. 


For example, the growth of blueberry bush will be optimum if it is planted in soil whose pH is around 4.5 to 5.5. But in the same pH soil, wheat crops will not perform well. 

Best Soil Types

However, these soil types are considered best for growing most of the agricultural crops in the world. Mollisols are considered as the best fertile soil in the world.  


They are found in United States (Great Plains region), Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, China, etc. & are great for growing wheat, corn, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beets, etc. 


Alfisols are majorly found in United States (Southeastern states), India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, etc. and are good for cultivating cotton, corn, peanuts, vegetables, etc.


Majorly found in India, Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Australia, Argentina, etc. and farmers can cultivate cotton, sorghum, millet, oilseeds, etc. in this soil. 

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