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Which Is The Best Organic Fertilizer For Plants

by aditya abhishek


You must have come across names such as dung manure, neem fertilizer, onion peel fertilizer, leaf compost, bonemeal, etc. But confused about which one to use...

There are various factors that you should consider before selecting any organic fertilizer. The most important factor is nutrient composition. 

To promote foliage growth, plant needs fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen. Hence, you should add nitrogen rich organic fertilizers such as neem cake, leaf compost, tea leaf compost, etc. 

However to promote flowering in plants you need to apply banana peel, onion peel, bone-meal, etc. that are rich in phosphorus. 

But, if you want balanced growth of plants then you can apply dung manure, vermicompost, etc. They are a perfect meal for your plants and are safer to use. 

Morover you can also prepare & use bio-fertilizers such as Jeevamrut, beejamrut, neemastra, sanjeevak, panchgavya, etc. to promote growth of leaves & roots. 

If you want good growth of your plants apply these fertilizers during various growth stages widely. Nitrogen & potassium rich fertilizers during foliage growth & phosphorus rich during flowering. 


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