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Where Did The Industrial Revolution Begin?

by aditya abhishek

Industrial Revolution

The second Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution happened in the history of Britain from 1750 – 1850. 

What Happened?

During the Industrial Revolution, the British economy shifted from an agrarian economy to a manufacturing economy with the help of new technologies. 


The Second Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution are often related together. It is because the increase in food production with fewer workers helped cities to form.


By 1850, only 40% of the British population lived in rural areas, the rest all moved to cities in search of jobs, which became possible due to the Second Agricultural Revolution. 

What Happened?

Due to the Second Agricultural Revolution, with the help of new technologies, farmers could produce more with very less workers than required before. 


At the same time, new industries were developing, hence workers migrated to those areas in search of new jobs. 


As people started concentrating in a particular region in search of food and shelter, new cities developed and expanded. 


The migration of workers from rural areas to the newly developing urban fueled the growth of industries and resulted in the growth of the British economy. 

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