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How & When To Plant Grass Seeds

By Aditya Abhishek

Site Selection

Select a location where sunlight is available throughout the day. South, south-east or south-west regions are perfect.

Site Preparation

Dig up soil to 45 centimetres depth and expose it under direct sunlight before growing grasses. 

Adding Compost

After one week add, 10 centimetres layer of organic compost and mix them well with the soil.


With the help of lawn levelling rake, level soil cover properly and make slope to get rid off waterlogging problem. 

Sowing Time

You can sow warm season grasses during spring season, and cool season grasses during fall

Grass Selection

Bermuda, Fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass are best choice for growing grass from seeds. 

Seed Rate 

For one hectare area 25 to 30 Kilogram of seeds are sufficient, however you should read the label of seeds packet for exact seed rate. 


Mix seeds in 250 Kilogram of sand or saw dust and then broadcast them evenly over prepared area, irrigate after sowing. 

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