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Know When To Fertilize Houseplants

by aditya abhishek

Generally most of the houseplants that you see around are native to tropical regions. They are adapted to grow under hot climate and goes under dormancy during winters. 

Therefore you can start fertilizing your indoor plants from spring to late summer season which is generally from March to September. 

How Often? 

Fertilizing slow growing houseplants  like Monstera, Snake Plants, Areca Palms, etc. once after every 45 to 60 days is a good practice. 

But for fast growing houseplants such as Pothos, Arrowhead Plant, Philodendron, etc. you need to fertilize once after every 20 to 30 days

When To Stop?

Stop fertilizing houseplants 8 weeks before first expected fall frost. Therefore avoid adding fertilizers in winters as it can cause tip burns and can damage the plant. 

Which Fertilizer?

Most of the houseplants are grown for foliage therefore needs nitrogen rich fertilizers but houseplants like peace lily, poinsettia, calla lily produces flowers. 

Hence for foliage houseplants you can use Tea Leaf Compost, Leaf Manure, Dung Manure or well balanced NPK in the ratio 5:5:5. You can use vermicompost as well. 

But for flowering houseplants use bone-meal, banana peel or onion peel fertilizer along with tea leaf compost or use NPK in the ratio 10:15:10

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