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When To Bring Houseplants Inside 

by aditya abhishek

Most of the houseplants that we grow like Anthuriums, ZZ Plant, Snake Plants, Areca Palms, Spider Plants, Bird Of Paradise, etc. are native to hot tropical regions. 

Which means they are not adapted to survive in freezing cold temperatures. Therefore it is necessary to bring tropical houseplants inside when temperature start falling below 10° Celsius

You can either bring them inside a greenhouse if you have or you can place them in shelf inside your home. Make sure that your plant receives bright indirect sunlight throughout the day. 

If you have plants such as calla lily then instead of bringing whole plant you can store their bulbs inside for the next season. Start growing once spring season starts.  

But for houseplants such as Coleus, Fuchsia, ZZ plants, Snake plants, you need to bring them indoors if you want to see them growing for longer time. 

After bringing houseplants inside to protect them from freezing cold you need to take of these important points in order to avoid damaging them. 

Avoid adding any kind of fertilizers during winters. During winters most of the houseplants either goes under dormancy or shows minimal growth so it is better to let them take rest. 

You should also avoid adding too much water. During winters soil remains wet for longer duration. Hence you do not need to water much often. Only water once or twice in a month. 

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