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When & How To Plant Beans

by aditya abhishek


Green beans are nutritious & delicious vegetable plant that you can grow easily in your garden. Moreover, growing beans also helps in fixing nitrogen in the soil.

When To Sow

You can start sowing bean seeds from March to mid-summer or during August in tropical areas. 

How To Sow

To sow bean seeds, buy high quality seeds, a paper cup or germination tray, prepare potting mix and get some courage. 

Potting Mix

Prepare well drained potting mix with the help of 40% cocopeat + 40% leaf compost or dung manure + 20% river sand.  


Fill germination tray or paper cup with potting mix and sow at 1/2 centimetre depth. Cover with thin layer of potting mix and apply water.  


Keep the germination tray or paper cup under shade and keep applying water whenever potting soil seems drying but make sure to avoid waterlogging. 

Germination Time

Within 7 to 10 days your bean seeds will start germinating. Transplant them once they reaches 2 to 4 true leaves stage. 

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