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What's The Importance Of Agriculture In Human Life

by aditya abhishek

The significance of agriculture in our lives often goes unnoticed when we live in cities. However, the food on our plates tells the story of agriculture's journey and its immense importance.

Food Production

The grains we eat, the fruits we enjoy & the vegetables we cherish are available because of hard-working farmers working all season on their farms. 

Economic Development

It is often said that, "Agriculture is the backbone of a nation's economy." It is because of the fact that it is significant contributor to economic development in many countries.


Agriculture employs around 1.1 Billion people in the world. In a country named Burundi, 85.85% of people are employed in the agriculture sector. 

Rural Development

Agriculture sector is linked to development in rural areas. Good agriculture infrastructure results in reducing migration to urban areas, create employment oppurtunities, etc.

Cultural Preservation

Agriculture is deeply intertwined with cultural heritage & traditions in many societies. Hence preserving local variety & traditional knowledge contribute to cultural identity. 

Poverty Alleviation

Small-scale farmers can improve their living conditions through agricultural activities, increasing their income & improving their access to education, healthcare, etc.

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