Agriculture Review

What Was The Agricultural Revolution

By aditya abhishek

Around 13,000 years ago humans use to hunt and gather food for survival. 

Humans then started domesticating crops around 12,000 years ago. That's when the first agricultural revolution begun. 

Because of 1st Agricultural Revolution humans started coming out of caves and forming colonies. 

Due to which, human civilizations started growing at various hotspots across the globe. 

Modern day agricultural revolutions include Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Brown, Grey, Silver Revolutions

Modern Agricultural Revolutions happened due to rapid increase in population rate in the world. 

In 1960's Norman Borlaug started Green Revolution. It focused on development of High Yielding Variety seeds of cereals. 

In 1970's, Dr. Verghese Kurien started white revolution. It focused on increase in milk production. 

In 1986, Sam Pitroda started Yellow Revolution. It focused on increase in production of edible oil. 

In 1985, Hiralal Chaudhuri started Blue Revolution with objective of developing and promoting fisheries.

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