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What To Do When You See Tiny Bugs In The Soil

by aditya abhishek


you may have encountered tiny bugs in the soil. These little creatures can be a cause for concern, as they may potentially damage your plants. But, not always. 

Harmful Soil Pests

If you find fire ants, grubs, squash bugs, leaf beetles, caterpillars, fungus gnats, maggots, etc. in the soil, then you need to control them.

However, if you can't identify them then, you can sterilize your soil as a preventive measure to avoid or reduce chances of plant damage. 

Control Methods

You can always mix neem cake fertilizer in the potting mix or apply in your farm to control bacterial & fungal growth. 

Solar Sterilization

Leave the soil exposed under direct sunlight for 7 days. Avoid any addition of moisture during sun drying. Turn the soil everyday to increase efficiency. 

Organic Pesticide

You can either apply neem oil mixed in soap water solution, or jeevamrut or Insecticidal soap to control bugs in the soil.

Most Effective 

Bonide Pyrethrin Insecticide is found to be one of the most effective pesticides in controlling soil bugs. You can buy from any online store. 

If you are still not sure what to do, then contact us by visiting our website, send us the picture of affected area and we will guide you the best & specific control methods.

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