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What Makes The North China Plain So Fertile

by aditya abhishek


Unlike Western China which is mostly barren, the north China plain is so fertile that it makes China largest exporter of agriculture products. 


The North China plain also known as Huang-Huai-Hai Plain is the largest alluvial plain of China and was one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.


Due to agricultural importance, industrial settlements were not allowed on a large scale. Therefore, people living on this plain mainly depend on agriculture.


Nutrient-rich rivers flowing through the northern plain, such as the Yellow River, Huai River, Hai River & Luan River, make this plain fertile. 


Climate of north China is ideal for major crops such as wheat, corn, millet, sorghum, cotton and peanut. Therefore, they are cultivated on large scale in this region. 


Due to the richness of soil nutrients, people living in this region mainly involve themselves in farming and making local handicrafts. 

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