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Influence Of The Himalayas On Indian Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


It is believed that the Himalayas formed due to the collision of two landmasses which are Eurasia & India around 40 to 50 million years ago. 


Due to the presence of the Himalayas, the climate & agriculture of India gets significantly affected. Climate has a direct link to agriculture. 


India would have been a dry country in the absence of Himalayas. The High altitude, length & direction of this mountain range help in intercepting the summer monsoons.


Moreover, the Himalayas has the origin points of many rivers such as the Ganga, Indus, etc. due to which northern plains have ample amount of water & fertile soil. 

Temperate Crops

Many crops that are well suited for cultivation in cool climatic conditions such as apple, strawberry, kiwi, potato, etc. can be easily cultivated in this region of India.  

Medicinal Plants

The Himalayas are home to various important medicinal plants of India such as Ashwagandha, Sweet flag, Himalayan white lily, Chirayita etc. 

Medicinal Fungus

It is astonishing to know that "Cordyceps militaris" a medicinal fungus that is used to treat chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, etc. is found & cultivated in the Himalayas. 


The northwestern Himalayan region is the home of the cultivation of Saffron or Crocus sativa which are the most costly spices in the world.

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