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What Is Soil Conservation: Need Of The Hour

by aditya abhishek

Combination of techniques used to protect degradation of soil is soil conservation. It is necessary to maintain fertility of the soil. In order to maintain sustainability we must conserve soil. 

Soil Ecosystem

Soil is an ecosystem, in which billions of micro to macroorganisms live. These organisms are responsible in maintaining the fertility of the soil. 

They help in breaking down organic matter, releasing nutrients, and opening up spaces for the circulation of air and water. Organisms living inside the soil depends on dead plants & animals for their food. 

Hence, to maintain organic matter in the soil, there need to be a continous cycle of conversion of dead & decaying matter into organic matter by organisms living in the soil. It helps in soil conservation. 


Soil conservation helps to maintain organic matter, increase the quality and quantity of crop yields, improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and create a pollution free environment. 


Practicing conservation or zero tillage helps in conservation of soil. Minimize the number of times the field is tilled to practice conservation tillage. 

Practicing contour farming or strip cropping also helps in conservation of the soil. Till & plant along the contour, instead of planting up & down the slope. 

Practicing crop rotation, cover cropping, using bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides also helps in conserving soil naturally. 

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