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What Is Podu Agriculture?

by aditya abhishek

Podu Agriculture

Podu agriculture is similar to the traditional shifting cultivation system in which farmers slash and burn the natural vegetation to create arable land. 

Role of Tribals

Tribal communities of Andhra Pradesh practice this farming system in the hilly regions of the state, primarily in East Godavari, West Godavari & Srikakulam. 


It is believed that people have been practicing podu agriculture in the region since the Neolithic period when the first agricultural revolution took place. 


However, the region in which sodu cultivation is practiced is the growing belt of teak for commercial purposes. Therefore, efforts have been made to restrict this practice. 

Still Prevalent

But, still, podu agriculture is being practiced in the region by the Porjas and Didoyis tribes. This is mainly due to the involvement of Naxalites in the region. 


Tribal people of this region were left untouched by the mainstream population due to the presence of Naxalite. Due to this, their livelihood has not improved. 

What's Your View

What do you think about this practice, should it continue or not? Share your views on podu agriculture with us!

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