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What Is Plantation Agriculture?

by aditya abhishek

Plantation Agriculture

It is a practice of cultivating cash crops such as rubber, tea, coffee, oil palm, coconut, cocoa, tobacco, etc. an a large scale for industrial purposes. 


If you have large farm land area, then you can also start plantation agriclture to earn good amount of profit. It can be economically lucrative. 


In plantation agriculture, focus is on growing a single type of crop, which allows for efficient & specialized production practices.

Large Land Holdings

Plantation agriculture can only be practices on very large farm lands that are owned by rich individuals or agribusiness corporations.

Labour Intensive

To manage such a large farm, skilled labours are required, hence it generates rural employment and thus is labour intensive as it is dependent on labour participation.

Export Oriented

Farm owners or agribusinesses practice plantation agriculture for export of the produce on a large scale to secure higher revenue and profits. 

Capital Intensive

Plantation agriculture is capital intensive. Farm owners have to invest heaviliy on field prepartion, set up, plantation, management, irrigation, etc. 

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