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What Is Market Gardening

by aditya abhishek

Market Gardening

Production of vegetables, fruits & flowers cash crops on small scale farm or garden (1 to 5 acres land) to  get maximum possible profit by selling produce. 

A market garden is generally run by family members and involves growing wide range of crops and are less industrially intensive.

How To Start?

If you have 1 to 5 acres of land and you are willing to start market gardening then first you need to find out initial setup cost. 

Market & Marketing

Even before planting of crops you need to find out perfect market and make marketing plans. You can sell directly to the customer or can tie up with companies. 

Skill Development

Before plantation learn skills in cultivating crops that you have planned to grow in your farm. This will help you to avoid mistakes. 


Agriculture & Gardening can get affected from external factors. hence having a crop insurance helps in providing security in the worst case scenario.

Sustainable Practices

To reduce input cost, soil erosion and make your product unique you can try sutainable or regenerative gardening practices such as using organic compost, mulching, etc.


The most common problem faced by market gardeners are that they have to depend on other income sources too. This can be overcome by selecting high yielding & profitable crops. 

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