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What Is Horticultural Therapy

by aditya abhishek


In 19th Century, Dr. Benjamin Rush a physician, noticed that mental & physical health of his patients improved while working with plants. at his Philadelphia clinic.


Based on his observations and modifications, Dr. Rush started horticultural therapy to improve mental health of his patients


However, horticultural therapy is an ancient practice but now it is a profession which deals with healing people by using plant based activities such as gardening. 

Reasearchers reported that plants are non-discriminating & non-theratening living bodies & that's why even people in stress or other mental illness can connect & get healed. 

Therapeutic Garden

Gardens that are designed specially for fulfilling physical, psychological, social & spiritual needs of the people to improve mental health are therapeutic garden. 


Alzheimer's garden, healing garden, rehabilitation garden, enabling garden, meditation garden, cancer garden, are types of therapeutic garden. 

Horticulture Therapy Programs

There are various organizations such as by Rutgers, AHTA, HT Institute, UT Institute of Agriculture, etc. that offers professional training in therapy gardening. 

You can join any of these institute to get training in horticultural therapy program and develop skills in healing people with the help of plants. 

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