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What Indoor Plants Are Safe For Cats

by aditya abhishek

We all want to have indoor plants in our home, but some of them are not safe for our pets and kids!  That's why we have listed these non toxic indoor plants that you can keep indoors. 

Spider Plants

They are non toxic, easy to grow houseplants that you can keep indoors. Keep spider plants under bright indirect sunlight for better growth. 

African Violet

This houseplant is not only safe for pets but you can also grow them in low light conditions. Moreover they produces violet coloured flowers.

Banana Plant

Although they grow outdoors but you can also keep them indoors under bright indirect sunlight. They are safe to pets and requires regular watering.  

Venus Fly Trap

If you are looking for something exotic and pet friendly then what could be better than Venus Fly Traps. They are non toxic, carnivores plants that can grow under indirect sunlight. 

Areca Palm

Areca palms are non toxic houseplants that can also purify air. It can purify air toxins such as Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Toluene from air.

Boston Fern

They are moisture loving houseplants that you can keep in your bathroom. They can grow under low light condition as well. 


Orchids are safe for pets and you can keep them under bright indirect sunlight, however they do not grow on soil so requires special growing medium. 

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