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What Do People Do In The Park

by aditya abhishek


Many people enjoy bringing a picnic lunch or snacks to the park & spending time with friends and family. This helps in reducing stress in life. 

Sports Activities

For sports activities such as basketball, tennis, cricket, & volleyball. People may also bring their own equipment for activities such as skating, catch, or biking.


Parks are a popular place for people to exercise, whether it's a leisurely walk or a more strenuous run like jogging in the park to boost stamina. 


Some people simply enjoy sitting on a bench or on the grass in a park, reading a book, or just enjoying the sights & sounds of nature.

For Pet Walk

Parks are often a great place for people to bring their dogs for a walk or to play fetch. Pets enjoy open space & parks are a better place for them. 

For Children's Play

Many parks have playgrounds for children, which can include swings, slides, and climbing structures. Kids engage themselves in playing activities.

Nature Exploration

Parks often have trails for hiking or nature walks, and some have botanical gardens or other natural features for people to explore.

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