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What To Daisies Represent


Daisies are perennial, herbaceous, flowering plant that belong to the family Asteraceae & can grow up to 8 inches height.

According to old Celtic Legend Daisies represents "Innocence & Purity." White coloured petals of daisy represents purity. 

But According to Norse Mythology, Daisies are the sacred flower for the goddess of love, beauty, & fertility

If you want to welcome a new born baby, then you can give this beautiful flower as they also symbolize childhood, & motherhood

You can grow daisies in well drained, sandy loam soil rich in organic matter with pH around 6 to 7.

You can grow them from spring to summer in cold temperate climate, and during winters in hot tropical climate

Daily 6 hours of sunlight, and watering when top soil becomes dry will help you in growing daisies. 

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