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What Can Farmers Do To Protect Their Crops

by aditya abhishek

Crop Losses

Crops losses or pre and post-harvest damages are big challange for farmers. As a farmer, protecting crops is one of the most important aspects of the business.

There are many factors that can affect your crop's growth and yield, from weather conditions to pests and diseases. Let's learn how you can protect crops from these hazards.


Adopt Integrated Pest Managment System in your farm. It involves long term pest control strategies such as biological, cultural, physical, and chemical methods. 

Weather Monitoring

Monitor the local weather conditions precisely, it will help to sow & harvest at right time. Weather monitoring also helps in protecting crop from natural hazards. 

Hybrid Seeds

Plant newly developed seeds that ensures disease resistance, high yield and adaptibility to the local climate & soil. 

Precision Agriculture

Adopt precision agriculture technologies in the farm. It will help to increase water use efficiency, reduce farm waste, increase crop yield due to better farm monitoring, etc.

Crop Rotation

Do not cultivate particular species of crops on the same field again and again. Instead keep rotating crops. After every cereal crop, plant a legume crop to fix nitrogen in the soil. 

Soil Testing

Even before cultivating any crop, get your soil tested. It will help to know pH and fertility of the soil so that you can apply fertilizers in appropriate amount. 

Control Weeds

Farmers avoid controlling weeds in the farm. But, they can cause serious reduction in crop yield as they compete for water, fertilizers, etc. Therefore you should destroy weeds to increase yield. 

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is an excellent investment for farmers as it provides protection against losses due to crop damage, weather events, and other factors.

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