Occupations Related TO AGRICULTURE

Written by Agriculture Review


In public or private sector Agricultural Universities, there is demand for subject lecturer who have Master's or PhD degree in their hand. 


If you have sound knowledge in horticulture, then you can apply to become horticulturist through the exam conducted by State Public Service Commission.


Research Scientist are in great demand. Primarily in agriculture sector scientist are employed to conduct researches on local level. Moreover they get a good amount of salary for their work.


However it's known as field of struggle, risk and then success. But the reward is quite high, actually entrepreneurs are bringing revolution in agriculture sector. 


Farming is the noblest occupation in the agriculture sector. If you have more than 2.5 acre of land then you can easily earn good amount of money.

Sales Manager

Private companies working in agriculture field hire agriculturists as sales manager to promote sales of seeds, equipments, machinery, etc.

Lab Technician

Labs dealing in spawn production, or tissue culture hire lab technicians who have in depth knowledge of agriculture.

Agriculture Engineer

In development of agriculture machinery, and technology agriculture engineers are required.