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What Are The Benefits Of Cattle Farming

by aditya abhishek

It is rearing & management of domesticated animals for mainly two purposes, first for getting food such as milk, meat and other porposes such as ploughing. 

cattle farming

The world dairy market in the year 2021 was valued at around 871 billion U.S. dollars. It was possible only because of dairy farmers involved in cattle farming.


Cattle farmers can sell milk in the local to global market. The salary of average dairy operator in the United States is $38,701.

Milk Production

Farmers can use draught breed cattles to carry out farm operations such as tillage, irrigation, transportation, etc. 

Farm operations

Cattle waste are great source of nutrients for crops. Therefore a farmer can decmpose cattle waste and use them in cultivating crops. 

waste recycling

Not only limited to decomposing and using, a farmer can also use cattle waste such as dung and urine to make biofertilizers that increases fertility of the soil. 

Value added dairy products such as curd, paneer, cheese, etc. can be sold at higher prices in the market than raw dairy products hence increases profitability. 

value addition

If a farmer is looking to cut costs spent on fertilizers or pesticides then he can start cattle farming in farm to reduce input cost by reusing cattle waste. 

input reduction

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