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What Are GMO's & Its Use In Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

What are GMO's?

GMO means genetically modified organism, which means their genes  or DNA has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. 

GMO's could be anything from seeds, plants, bacteria, fungi, or even humans in which genetic modifications have been done for better performance. 

What is GMO Food?

Food material that we obtain from genetically modified organism such as Golden rice, Bt Brinjal, etc. 


In the year 1973, for the first time in hostory two scientists Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen inserted DNA from one bacteria into another developing a GMO successfully. 

And in the year 1982 first consumer GMO product "insulin" was approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating diabetes.

GMO In Agriculture

In the year 1994, a GMO tomato was developed for the first time in history. After quality tests by FDA, it was approved as safe produce. 

With the help of GMO in agriculture, crops are made tolerant against pests, diseases, increased vigour, fruit size, and highly nutrtious. Hence, it benefits farmer to a great extent. 

Apart from benefits, GMO's can pose threat to local endagered plant species, it can sometimes cause allergic reactions, and disrupts natural gene flow. 

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